Update on the situation in Poland

In the last couple of months it might have seemed like there was a lot happening in and around Poland. Here’s a quick update with information that should help answer your questions about the current situation in our country.


Below we prepared a short update on some vital topics in Poland, regarding their current status and our first-hand experience.

  • Poland and the war in Ukraine

From the beginning of Russia’s military aggresion on Ukraine in Februarry, Poland has wholeheartedly supported Ukraine and its people. As the closest neighbouring country, we have also opened our borders and welcomed over 3.5 million refugees fleeing the war. They have become part of our society, enriching our country and adding diversity.Currently, the military situation seems to be going much in Ukraine’s favour and military operations have moved even further away from the Polish border (~1500km).

Poland is a NATO and European Union member state. No military incidents have been reported in the vicinity of our borders with Ukraine.

  • Tournament accomodation

A quick reminder that the complete tournament hotel-base is available on our official website. Even though, as we mention above, there has been a considerable influx of guests from Ukraine in Poland, the hotels in our offer have a fixed, reserved number of hotel rooms for the World Masters 2022 participants.

However as we get closer to August, some rooms will go back to general sale if they are not reserved for the tournament – so we suggest not putting off the moment of booking your hotel till the very last minute!

  • COVID-19 situation in Poland

On the 28th of March 2022 all COVID-related restrictions in Poland have been lifted. The number of recorded cases since then have been minimal with our region (Lower Silesia) having one of the lowest numbers in that time period.All sport centres and other public places in Poland are opened with people enjoying the back to normal phase after two long years of lockdowns. Hasta La Vista is fully booked on every weekday afternoon – yes, from 4pm till 10pm all 32 courts are full of squash enthusiasts.


We hope to see you in Wrocław soon!


(In terms of information on COVID-19 in Poland and for those coming to Poland, we would recommend to follow the official government site, available in English).


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