Airport Transfers | Taxi

After discussing the matter with the World Squash Federation, we have come to a conclusion that an airport transfer service will NOT be provided by the Hasta La Vista Club.


All players and guests are asked to take advantage of the low prices of the easily accesible local TAXI companies. An official pick-up and drop-off service would be up to 2x times more expensive and hence not beneficial at all for our guests.


The average costs of taking a taxi in Wrocław are as follows:


– Bolt (Uber): 20-32 zł / 5-8,5 USD
–  regular taxi company: 32 zł / 8,5 USD

– Bolt (Uber): 30-40 zł /8-10,5 USD
– regular taxi company: ~39 zł / 10,5 USD


– Bolt (Uber) – 35- 40 zł / 9- 10,5 USD
– regular taxi company: 38 zł / 10,5 USD


Available payments methods include:
– taxi companies: cash (PLN) / debit card<
– Bolt: credit card